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Crypton Calibration

FGES are an approved independent Crypton calibration and service agent and national suppliers of Crypton garage equipment.

Factory Approved Crypton & Dieseltune Calibration

All ages of equipment covered
Virtually all variants and types of Crypton and Dieseltune equipment covered
Gas analyser and diesel smoke meter calibration under the approval of Crypton's own UKAS Laboratory
VOSA / DVSA Approved brake tester and headlight tester calibration
Legal certification and documentation
Pay-as-you-go and 12 month calibration contracts available
Factory backed extended warranty and maintenance contracts (gas analysers & smoke meters)
All major credit and debit cards accepted

Don't own a Crypton or Dieseltune?

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Crypton Gas Analyser calibration includes:

Thorough inspection of all major components
Replacement / decontamination of internal & external filters
Renewal of any contaminated / defective internal pipe-work
Free periodical EPROM software upgrades*
Free installation of Crypton August software update (VI / VOSA / DVSA database)**
ALL models and variants covered including:

Crypton: CMT 500, CMT 510, CMT 511, CMT 600, CMT 1000, CMT 1012, CMT 1112, CMT 2000, CMT 2001, CMT 2011, CMT 2012, CMT 2022, CMT 3000, STP 410, STP 420, STP 600, STP 620, STP 420, CCP 600, CDP 600, CGP 600, DSP 600, 290 HiSpec, 284, 285, 290, 290 EN1, 290 EN2, 290 AU, 290 HiSpec, 295, 295 EN, 295 EN2, 296, 297, 297 EN, 297 EN2, 680, EDP 800, EDP 830

Crypton / Dieseltune Smoke Meter calibration includes:

Thorough inspection of all major components
Decontamination of internal smoke head LED, detector & sample tubes
Replacement of worn 'O' rings
Free periodical software upgrades*
ALL models and variants covered including:

Dieseltune: DX 210, DX 211, DX 211-BT, DX 230, DX 250, DX 260, DX 260-1, DX 260-2, DX 260-1BT, PSA 200, PSA 300

Crypton Roller Brake Tester calibration includes:

Thorough inspection of all major components
Required adjustment & lubrication
Most models and variants covered including:

Crypton: CBT040, CBT070, Class 4 ATL, Class 7 ATL, Class 4 OPTL, Class 7 OPTL, EJ 19, EJ 29, 660, 660 AP, 660 AW, 660 D, 660 DW, 660 W, CBT 6000, CBT 7000, CBT 6500, CBT 7500

(May be alternatively labeled: Crypton Triangle, TI Crypton, FKI Crypton or Bradbury)

Crypton Headlamp Aim Tester calibration includes:

Laser level checks for millimetre accuracy
Required adjustment & lubrication

Other Crypton Services Offered By FGES:

Buy Crypton Oxygen Sensors / Oxygen Cells from the online shop

Gas Analyser Repair & Maintenance

Roller Brake Tester Repair & Maintenance

* If required.
** Installation only. Software must be pre-purchased from Crypton by customer.