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MOT Emissions Analysers

The Crypton exhaust gas analyser, diesel smoke meter and combined emissions analyser range supplied, maintained and calibrated by FGES LTD.

The Crypton CCP800 is a VOSA / DVSA approved MOT emissions analyser which combines both the exhaust gas analyser and diesel smoke meter in a single unit.

Alternatively, the DSP800 diesel smoke meter range and CGP800 four gas analyser are available for those who require or prefer an EGA or DSM as separate or stand alone units.

Models supplied with an EGA are fitted with the Crypton 680 petrol four gas analyser which features dual integrated water filtration plus an additional large capacity primary filter bowl for improved reliability from enhanced flood protection.

DSM equipped models come with the latest specification Dieseltune DX260 smoke head with fast warm-up and a choice of either hard wired or Bluetooth wireless connection.

Combined units can run both the petrol and diesel MOT software simultaneously allowing the user to switch between gas and smoke testing in one click. This feature also enables the smoke head to require only one warm up cycle when you switch on. Bluetooth models also benefit from the added convenience of wireless oil temperature and RPM measurement.

All 800 series platforms can be upgraded to control the latest Crypton Roller Brake Testers and Automated Test Lanes bringing potential savings should your other MOT equipment require upgrade in the future.

Unlike many distributors, FGES are part of Crypton's comprehensive national network of approved calibration and service agents.

For prices, finance, brochures and detailed specification of the entire range, please view our online catalogue.