Garage Equipment & MOT Equipment

MOT Equipment

FGES supply, install and maintain a comprehensive range of VOSA / DVSA approved MOT equipment and garage equipment from single, stand-alone units to complete MOT test bays and automated test lanes.

If you're planning to upgrade part of an existing test bay or fit an entire installation from scratch, FGES can provide the ideal solution for motorcycles, cars and vans through to light commercial vehicles.

Our range caters for the most diverse requirements including combined class installations that enable the testing of many classes of vehicle on the same test bay.

From planning, budget, layout, drawings and approval through to final installation, training and beyond, FGES guide customers through the entire installation process.

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Crypton ATL - Complete Class 4 & 7 Automated Test Lanes / MOT Bays

Crypton MOT Petrol Emissions Analysers:

Crypton CCP 800: Combined Petrol Gas Analyser + Dieseltune DX260 Smoke Meter

Crypton CGP 800: Petrol Gas Analyser without diesel smoke meter (Option to add DX260 later)

Dieseltune CSP 800: Diesel Smoke Meter without petrol gas analyser (Option to add 680 gas later)

Crypton Roller Brake Testers

Full ATL specification with integrated weighing facility.

Crypton CBT 740: Class 4 Brake Testers (+ class 1 & 2 with optional motorcycle adapter)

Crypton CBT 770: - Class 7 Brake Testers (+ class 1 & 2 with optional motorcycle adapter)

Vehicle Lifts

ATL / OPTL Lifts - Recessed or Surface Mounted

Four Post Lifts

Crypton CFL 640 / 641: Class 4 - 4 Tonne - 4560mm platforms

Crypton CFL 740 / 741: Class 7 - 4 Tonne - 5200mm

Crypton CFL 741 / 741L: Class 7 - 5 Tonne - 5700mm

Scissor Lifts

Crypton CSL 640 / 641: Class 4 - 4 Tonne - 4540mm

Crypton CSL 740 / 741: Class 7 - 5 Tonne - 5460mm

Headlamp Aim Testers

Crypton HLA 2400: Class IV & VII

Crypton HLA 2400 HGV: Class IV, VII and HGV spec

Other Garage Equipment & MOT Equipment

MOT Tools and Ancillaries: All the tools, signs and extras you'll need to complete your new installation.

Motorcycle MOT Equipment

Motorcycle MOT Bays: Complete Class 1 & 2 Test Bay

Balco BT5000W: Motorcycle Roller Brake Testers